Monday, March 17, 2008


Could he be blowing that kiss to me??? I wish! As Dana takes a picture of me taking of

picture of Keith...oooohhhh weeeeeee.

What would you like???

So I guess Dana will not ask next year, what I want for my anniversary!! he endured (well) my fav Keith Urban...(guess Carrie Underwood wasn't too bad for him to have to look at for 3 hours)...It was amazing!! What a fun night we had! Such a great concert--although I missed our concert group from Garth--

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Latest from Thailand 3/5/08

Well we had a pretty good last week here. Last Sunday we had a double baptism at church. Elder Howell baptized the daughter of a recent convert family that we visit in our area...they were baptized about 6 months ago everyone in the family except this one daughter but now she is!! It was an awesome day for that family and we are all way happy for them. Then I baptized an older lady named sommay, who was an old protastant member. She was a referral from our english class, so that was cool. Besides that, yesterday we had a show in a place called lopburi. We showed in a market and met up with E. Tuttle! It was good to see him, he is actually going home in about 4 weeks so thats sad. The Elders and Sisters there got a ton of new investigators and potentials. The sisters got about 8 new investigators and a few potentials and the Elders got about twice that because there are 4 Elders and only 2 sisters. So it was awesome. As for how things are going....its an interesting mix with E. Ensign in here now. We are all slowly adjusting, everyone has a different style they play so it causes everyone to adjust somewhat. Also, everyone had different atittudes and ideas and what not so its just new new new!!, but its good. Well you asked about our tour we are going will be the last week of this month...I believe we are leaving here on the 23rd or somewhere around that time. We will be going to alot of different places....including: udon, nongkhai, khon kaen, mahasarakham, royet,kalasin, sagonakhon, and a couple other places I can't remember them all off the top of my head. Well thats enough about that...haha...Hey I bet everyone is excited for jessie and tommy...thats so cool, I am way excited for you guys:) It's so wierd not being home with all the changes that take place....but the updates will do for now I guess...I was glad to hear everything was ok for grandma, I've been praying for her....I hope she continues to heal. Congrats to tanner for passing the first part of his class, I bet he is excited to get he going to beat spenser?? did spense ever get his license?haha that would be funny if he did....then it would be like a jake/josh relationship....I remember jake would always force josh to drive him around..hahaha good times eh guys? Remember that one time we went to arkansas....hahaha good need to say anymore....well everything is going for clothes and shoes i think I'm good needs suit is way sweet. I'll have to take some pics and send them to you guys elder lowrey