Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Latest from Thailand 2/27/08

Hey family....Well another week another email.....I hope you are all ready for the 'exciting' update.haha. Well...we sure have had an exciting week here in the pakkret area this past week. We got our monthly show list of the different places we will be playing this upcoming month.....really quite unbelieveable. We have about 30 shows linned up for the upcoming month, including a tour of the eastern easaun side of thailand that will be for about one week long. So we are all really excited to go out and perform in all the different places. We just hope we will be ready being that we just got two new members in the band and have only practiced about 3 or 4 times. So hopefully all will go well. It all starts with one show this sat. here in bangkok. I'll let you know how it goes. As for me and E.Howell we are doing way good. We have found some awesome new investigators that we hope will be getting baptism dates soon....although we will have to hand them over to the assistants to president and the office elders as we are going to be going around the country performing....we won't have enough time to be with them and teach them. But we will see how it all goes, it will all work out. It's kind of an interesting 'opportunity cost', I actually had an opportunity to talk with President about it...because as a missionary our main priority is our investigators....but he said he knows that it is a big hit to take 8 elders out of the mission but he says that he believes it is worth what our band does for other areas. O yeah elder howells' dad is going to be a mission pres. in the minnisota he is way excited..for that. His mom and dad were in the recent church news so he was so excited to see them. Well is great....our areas are picking up and I feel like our purpose in being in this music group is showing in bright colors....we are seeing so many people be touched and open their hearts to the gospel through it. It's so cool to be a part of this ...I love every minute of it. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world right now. I've loved the last couple weeks as I've looked back and seen the growth I've experienced on my mission. It's so awesome to see what happens and how much you progress when you trust in the lord and do it his way...I love it. I'll never leave it, I am starting to see what people mean when they say they think about their mission everyday of their life....because I do it everyday, even though mine is still going...I constantly think about past experiences I've had. Well I love you all and hope you all are well . elder lowrey