Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A look on the inside...2/19

Hey great to hear from everyone...sounds like everyone is doing good. That's too bad that your computer crashed but oh well sometimes starting new is the best thing to do...(that might not be true...)?? Well anyways, I'll answer your question,....the calcium tablets helped a ton and I'm feeling alot better......So this past week has been an interesting one. One of my companions, Elder Pyper, will be moving to a city called Don Muang. Elder Mcconnell , our music leader, is leaving E. Pyper was called to replace him. We are also getting a new sound tech. which is a Thai elder named natawhut and Elder Ensign, my mtc companion, is also joing the group this week. As for me I believe I'll be staying with E. Howell in my area. So it will be an interesting moves, we thought for sure that President wouldn't move anyone because we have a big week long tour in march and we didn't think we could be ready for that if we had new people come in...but aparently the Lord thinks different..haha.but all in all I am excited. This past week my two companions and I had an oppertunity to eat dinner with the old Ambassador to the U.S. and his wife. They are one of the royal family contacts that we work with for public relations and governmental purposes. It was awesome!! When working with such key individuals its so important to be always be building good relationships with them....these are the people who have say in us being here in thailand and being recognized as a church...I really see us as young missionaries being guided to know what to say and do to be improving those's such a cool thing to be a part of:) Anyways, other than that we had an English Evaluation which we played games and watched 'Finding Faith in Christ'. We have been seeing some good investigators come through the english program so I've always enjoyed having a part in it. Well, it sounds like things are coming along back home...and sounds like the cabin is getting there too. I can't believe how fast time is moving, some of my best friends in the mission are going home in like 2 days and alot more in 6 weeks's so crazy to see all the changes and to look back and realize how much time has passed....time is such and interesting thing when you only have one goal, one objective or purpose....I've been doing missionary work for so long everyday....It's engraved into me...I can't even keep track of's a wild experience....I'd recommend it to everyone....well I love you guys ....i love this work so much...I know that there is so much work to be do it. Have a good week too:)love you> elder lowrey


Amanda & AJ said...

I miss Andrew so much everytime i read his letters!! Im glad he is doing so good.